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Many governments, hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, and private practices are currently realizing the benefits of purchasing certified pre-owned medical equipment to strengthen their health care delivery system, increasing procedure counts, while lowering capital expenditures.

EW realizes that it might be hard for governments and the private sector to fund new state-of-the-art technology in all of its hospitals and clinics, particularly in full view of the current global decline in currency value. In order to be fiscally prudent, budgetary allocations must be based on the highest value return per dollar allocated. With regards to the purchase of strategic medical equipment, the cost of one state-of-the-art technology could fund the purchase of two, three, or four certified pre-owned, completely refurbished systems, thus, increasing the procedure count. In fact, this is sometimes the affordable option for providing services at all, i.e., to purchase more equipment than would be possible otherwise. Further to the cost savings in the purchase of pre-owned equipment is the fact that these systems are generally much easier to service and maintain, which is of great importance when operating in a climate of shrinking and limited budgets.

We satisfy the need for effective equipment planning in this time of dynamic advances in equipment technology and can be the bridge to institutional capacity building, which can save time, money, lives and enhance community well-being.


Endowerks Medical Equipment understands the special quoting, purchasing, and invoicing needs that State and Federal governments have for cost-efficient and reliable medical equipment. Because of the rising demand for alternatives to buying brand-new equipment, we provide certified pre-owned (CPO) medical instruments and repair services for various government health facilities.

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Endowerks Medical Equipment specializes in the sale, purchase, and refurbishment of surgical and diagnostic equipment for hospital facilities around the globe. With today's rising cost of healthcare, clinicians should consider taking advantage of certified pre-owned (CPO) medical equipment as a cost-effective solution to providing high-quality patient care.

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) have demanding environments that require precise and well-maintained instrumentation to ensure positive outcomes and exceptional patient care. We at Endowerks Medical Equipment understand the importance of rigorous standard maintenance that ASCs have to continue performing same-day surgeries, diagnostic, and preventive procedures each day.

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Endowerks Medical Equipment supplies certified pre-owned (CPO) clinical systems and provides convenient repair services for the clinical market. Our wide range of products and services provide cost-efficient solutions for clinics to help maintain the value and quality of patient care within local communities.

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Private practices are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping up with the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. However, with the rising cost of new equipment, many physicians are finding it more difficult to stay afloat, financially.

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